Construction and Contractor Mentoring
(Low-cost Housing)

Experience gained by members of our company encompasses planning, design, project management, project co-ordination, quality control, administration of housing projects. We however have experience in low-cost and medium cost housing developments. The policies and procedures involved in the housing processes are of our great understanding and importance.

The company is dedicated in applying all the expertise we have got for better quality and within budget houses. The company has been rendering Project Management Services to DHLG&TA on various housing projects within the Eastern Cape whereby we have trained emerging contractors on various housing projects. Our approach has been based on capacity building and transferring of skills to make sure that adequate knowledge is gained by the emerging contractors to improve service delivery and creating sustainable businesses that will participate in the construction industry.

Our objective aim to develop learners into:

As the mentoring company we always make sure that the following is adhered to: