About us

MbuMba Project Managers provide sound Project Management expertise to clients. We believe in creating a good Client/Consultant understanding and relationship. We offer a wide range of engineering services, namely feasibility studies, project management, design and construction management.

Our mission is to benefit our clients and communities through their Traditional Institutions and Local Authorities with innovation, service excellence and ensure continuity through development and skills transfer programme for young professionals with PDI status.

We aim at creating a sound-working environment based on trust, integrity, and respect for our clients. We provide peace of mind to our clients because services will be of professional reliability and competent. All the members/shareholders share one charisma, drive and determination to have a contributory impact in business and the entire South African economy.

The combined wealth of experience that all members have acquired in the Civil Engineering industry is a pillar to the sustainability of the company and upholding service delivery. The company is committed to long term relationships with clients based on excellence, professionalism, honesty as well as expertise that provide quality, cost effective and timely services to satisfy the needs of its clientele base.